What Skate Shoes Do You Wear And Why? Is it really the shoes?


Coping Block posed this question last year, and were posing it again this year. What skate shoes do you prefer and why? Do the shoes really matter?

Jereme Sneath  Vox or Circa Combat Div. because they are good companies and make good shoes. The shoes do matter to a degree. Sometimes I have trouble telling if shoes are really good but I always know right away if they suck/ low quality.

James Pilla  Ipath!  Because their comfortable, last long not too mention look good!

Howard Green-Montaque  same answer as last year

Stephen Polizzi  Vans. Been wearin' them for 20 some odd years. The original skate shoe. Nuff said.

Jason Conner  Yo . Mike duffield was a flow source and a rep for globe years ago. I was flowed about 35 pairs of shoes back in 2003. I am down to 6 pair of new ones and still wearn 5 pair. So i love globe shoes. And yes shoes do matter to me.thanks mike d. I havnt had to buy shoes for 7 years.

Todd Morrow  Vans.http://www.vans.com/   Currently Half-Cab super tough suede... Once in a while I buy another brand and an always let down. The closest in feel were some Fallens. I tried to skate the Globe Haslams I'm wearjng now as street shoes, but they felt like I was wearing 5 pairs of socks.

Jason Borden  Lakai Telford hi tops. They work well for big guys. Don't move much.

B.j. Morrill  D3s! I can do great back spins into helicopters with them on.

Martin Krussel  Vans. Way too many companies selling 'skate shoes' and they are all chasing Vans. Lets face it, Thrasher Magazine today is more or less a shoe and fashion catalog. Sad...

Ed Jones  Barney Rubble style

Johnny Garcia VANS!!!

John Grigley  Chuck Taylor/Original Converse, because they feel like moccasins.

Robbie Abruscati Globe.. for comfort and stability !

Bruce 'Rudy' Phillips Vans for the past 26 years. Currentlly wearing Rowley "X"'s.

Coping Block  Does price matter if you like the way they look?

John C. Lytle  The shoes don't really matter but I am told that the size does. In that case, I wear a size 12 1/2 in a converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops.

Chris Coleman ‎ @martin. like it wasn't exactly the same thing 20 years ago.

James Monsterenergy Longwith  Vox shoes they are amazing and got great grip and last me a while

Tab Textor  Vans save my feet and gonna need um fo evvuh

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