Team Pain's new Skate Park in Riverview, Florida!

by Cleo Coney

Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine

Team Pain is at it again and this time they are creating a great new skate park in Lakeland Florida!
Plus their recently finished and well skated park in Bradenton is drawing huge skate crowds!
Here's a few pics!

                                                  Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine

Images provided by Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine

The always busy Team Pain crew has created a new skate park in Riverview Florida! Finally a quality pool built on the central west coast of the state that big boys can enjoy too.  Not since the skate park hey days of the late seventies and early eighties has there been quantity and quality “Crete” for us bowl riders to enjoy in these parts.  Now, there are three parks on the central west coast that serve as “smile generators”, including New Tampa Skate Park, Stirling Skate Park, and now Providence Skate Park in Riverview. 

Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine dropped by the site to take a first-hand look at what the minds at Team Pain have created for all of us to enjoy.  The first thing I noticed is that elements in the street area feature multiple textures including granite and extra-large steel rails painted black, simulated gray brick, moguls, boxes with steel edges, stairs and small runs leading to transitions that have real pool coping at the top, sweet! 

The Pool is the best one built on this coast of Florida period.  We need more of these and more parks with multiple bowls and pools. Round wall attaches skateboarding to it’s surfing roots and there is nothing more enjoyable then a high speed carve on vert and hearing the tiles roar and the coping cry out as axles grind it at speed.  This is what us old school Florida skaters dreamed about having to skate in our youths. Back in those days all the really good bowls and pools were located in California. Today there are four pools in Florida to skate and soon there shall be more!

Coping Block congratulates Team Pain on their growth in skate park construction, as I have observed their finish work get better and better with each awesome project. I recommend that all cities consider utilizing these skate park building wizards for each of their local communities.  A great skate park updates existing city parks while providing a safe place for skateboarders to put their energies and talents to use.  It’s money well spent and money that should be designated frequently. Get on the phone and call Team Pain today!

Push, Carve,Grind!