Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine Chats with Cam Simon!

Cam Simon, seventeen years old, skateboarder, and movie producer.

There aren't many people who take charge and put their dreams in motion, but Cam Simon is one who does just that.  With a growing desire to capture and record the skateboarding foot print of his skate crew, Cam put his idea in motion.  The result is the "FLA STORY".  

Cam shot his first skate film at the Ross Norton Skate Park in Clearwater Florida, but desired to expand his vision to include the cities of Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, and Tampa in this his second production.

                                            Cam holding the extension of his eye.. his camera.
Westside Skate Shop sold out of his new movie and ordered more! Speaking of Westside Skate Shop, it was John Montessi that helped organize his premier at "The Bricks", in Ybor City Tampa.  Cool spot for a hot skate movie premier!  Cam grew tired of looking at the same people over and over again street skating on-line doing variations on the same old tricks.  So Cam set out to put his vision on film in a fresh crisp way, and combine it with his skate crew at the same time.  This didn't happen overnight as Cam shot footage of skating for some fourteen months!

In the "FLA STORY", Cam delivered the goods and included skaters shredding ledges, gaps, rails, and more on virgin skate territory. He used about twenty skaters from Florida which included some of Westside Skate Shop's team riders.  The film has nine parts in it so there's lots of footage to check out!
Please watch for Marcus in this film as he kills it!  At one point in Miami Cam bribes a security guard to let them skate for THREE BUCKS!  Great film producers have to be able to stay in budget. Cam Simon has it in him to go far in skateboarding, and in film as his work ethic is solid. Cam edited the entire film by himself and plans to attend film school next year.  His dream job would be to produce skate videos for major skateboarding companies. 

Cam thanks Westside Skate Shop for all their support, all his friends and skate buddies whom supported his efforts both on and off film. Cam said, "I really would like to thank my mom for all her support and inspiration, "and the food!"  Yep! you gotta thank your mom for the food!

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