2013 Florida Skateboard Hall of Fame Inductions in Coping Block SK8 MAG!

The 2013 Florida Skateboarding Hall of Fame inductions and skate jam went off as planned at the Skate Park of Tampa. Those in attendance were excited to see so many old and new faces.
Skateboarding's Florida family gathered as we always do every two years to pay respects, and to recognize those that have pushed the sport through their efforts and influenced others who participate in the sport.
It was really good to shake the hands of Donny Myhre, Billy Beauregard, Bill Procko, Ray Showalter, Rich Rogers, Binky Conklin, Paul Schmitt, Ed Womble, Chuck Hults, Jimmy Marcus, Jim Goodrich, Chris Baucom, Chuck Dinkins, Bruce Whiteside, Walter Lewellen, John Grigley, Brian Schaefer and others at the event! Event organizers put together video images and pasted the wall with photos of skate park sessions from times past. Not everyone could make the trip this year but they were there in spirit and on cell phones.
When you see these guys all together at once you immediately realize how much skateboarding has been apart of your life over the years, and how much influence they have had on it.

Every skater has contributed a little something that makes it into the world of skateboarding. Many times you'll witness a conversation by some young skateboarders making reference to a trick or a combination of tricks, and in that moment you smile to yourself as you know who invented what they are talking about. This is why the Florida Skateboard Hall of Fame is so important. To bring to light all those little parts that make up the whole of skateboarding. To let the world know about the efforts, hard falls, sessions, victories, discoveries, and innovation that many skateboarders from the past have laid down. We congratulates this years inductees and we look forward to recognizing the next batch of Florida Skateboard Hall of Fame inductee's!

                                          The 2013 Florid Skateboard Hall of Fame inductee's
Jim Goodrich, Donny Myhre, Mike Frazier, Chuck Hults, Billy Beauregard, Keith Holien, Brian Schaefer, and Jimmy Marcus.

                                               Paul Schmitt, Bill Procko, and Bruce Whiteside

                                                                David Adams and Son.

                                                                          Tim Payne

                                                          Charlie Crank and Kyle Sokol.

                                             Ed Womble, Walter Lewellen, and Jim Goodrich.

                                                                          Jay Turner

                                                Chris Baucom, Chuck Dinkins, and Maureen.

                                                     Ms. Synder and George B. McClellan

                                                                Burg Bowl shredder Will.

                                                        Binky Conklin and Lonny Reiter

                                                                        Chuck Hults

                                                          Dan Murray sippin pickle juice!

                                                          Justin Mastry and Micheal Daly

                       OG's Paul Schmitt, Bill Procko, Cleo Coney, John Grigley, and Billy Beauregard

                                                           ...and the belt winner is! Tito!

                                                                        Mike Frazier

                                                                    The traveling ripper!

                                                       Brian Schaefer's exceptance speech.

                                                 Chuck Hults, with Aunts and Mother in red.

                                                                East coast in the house!

                                                      Jimmy Marcus and his proud parents.

                                            Anthony Furlong taking a break with the "GREEK".

                    Old school celebs, Ed Womble and Binky Conklin prepare to give away some awards.

                                                             Kyle Sokol and Mrs.Sokol

                                                              William Beauregard chillin!

            Even Donny Myhre's wife got a trophy, with Brian Schaefer and Binky Conklin photo bombing.

          Keith H. one of the best slalom skateboarders ever, period, the end, giving his acceptance speech.

                                                                          Nice car!

                                          Don't fall too hard or you might get the best slam trophy.

                                                Ray Showalter taking a sip of ice cold water.

                                              Jim Goodrich trying on his Hall of Fame Jacket!

                                                           Jim Goodrich and Cleo Coney

                                              Paul Schmitt accepting his award from the HOF.

                                                                   A great time had by all!

                                         Who invented the ollies to grind? Oh! Chris Baucom

                                                            " Gettin' Some" Bowl Action!

                                                          Father and daughter skate duo.

                                                             Great art for a great skater.

                                                Donny accepting his H.O.F. plaque and jacket!

                                            The crowd watching the festivities as it goes down.

                       Chuck Hults gave an inspired and up lifting speech about skateboarding, it was great!

                                        JG, aka John Grigley caught by the Coping Block camera's!

                           Phil C. giving a tour of his skate park through a photo history on the wall.

              Coping Block SK8 MAG Photog Darlene Bowman happy to be at the H.O.F event in Tampa.

                                                        George B. McClellan on the mic.

                  Emotional moment at the Florida Skateboard Hall of Fame between Paul and Brian.

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