Papa Dred Chats with Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine!

                                                      Papa Dred Blazing       photo by Chloe Garris

When did you first get on a Longboard?

I grew up skating and was around all kinds of boards, but I didn’t get serious about Longboarding until I moved to a hilly part of Florida about nine years ago.

What attracted you to downhill?

The speed of course!

How long have you’ve been competing?

My first skate contests were back in the 1980’s, down hill only a few years because of the lack of races down south.

How do you evaluate wheels for speed?

For wheels it depends on not only the style and type of riding, but things like texture of the pavement, the outside temperature, the steepness of the run and so on.

What has been your fastest timed speed on a longboard?

That I know for sure, 55mph, I was clocked by a Sheriff at a spot in Clermont, Florida!
I’m pretty sure I’ve gone a bit faster though.

Do you ever just go free riding?

As often as possible, every time I skate! Hahahah

How big is your quiver and what’s in it?

Got a pretty big house hold so…
Well, a Carbon Evo, 925, Switch, Drop Wedge, Drop Carve, Clutch Deeze nuts, Jim-Z pool board, a couple of Popsicles, a mini and then some.

How often can you be found on Florida’s little known hills?

All the time.

                                              Papa Dred moving up fast! Photo by Micheal Harrington

Talk about your worst spill, the how, the where, and the when?

No telling if any are the worst spill, probably high side in on a toe side turn when it was starting to sprinkle. I was airborne and landed on my head, helmets save lives!

Who else in your family rides and for how long?

My whole family skates, I’m raising all of them on boards. I have a three-year-old daughter, five, ten, and twelve year old sons and even their mom has been charging it over the past couple of years.

                                                        Papa Dred taking the inside line.

What about the sport makes you angry?

All the little kids giving advice, yet they aren’t old enough to skate after dark.

Do you skate garages?

Yes, if they are fast!

Do you use safety equipment?

Yes, and I can’t stress it enough, please wear your helmets!

                                          Moving Art, Papa Dred at Speed.  Photo by Chloe Garris

Any words for those with a need for speed, looking to get into longboarding?


                                        Papa Dred calm after another of his skateboarding storms.
                                                                 Photograher unknown.

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