The Coping Block SK8 MAG Skateboard Giveaway!

Yes! we will be giving away Longboards and short boards this year for 2013! Just go to the link at the bottom to enter!

Here are pictures of some of our previous winners!

                                                      The 2011  Mid-West winners!

                                            2012  Gainesville Florida Winner in the South!

With the success of our previous Longboard Giveaway, Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine has decided to do it all over again! But this time were including short boards too!

                              For 2013 you could win a Longboard from Klever Skateboards!
                              or one of many other great longboard companies!

We are going to giveaway two new complete longboards to two lucky skateboarders!
All this is due to our great sponsors like The Surf Shack Surf Shop, Gulf Coast Skate Shop, and Bustin Boards who donated two Longboards that were given away. Look for Murder Ride Skateboards in the near future!

                          These two were donated by Bustin Boards and given away previously.

All you have to do is tell us in fifty words or less, why you deserve to win a free short or Longboard!
It's that simple and that easy! After thirty days, our sponsors will select two persons to win a complete Longboard, and eight others will win brand new designed Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine T-Shirts! Just click on this link to enter:!contact/c3kh

Help keep the stoke alive! If you are a manufacturer or individual that wants to contribute to future give aways, or if you just want to help support Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine, then please send your support to Coping Block Skateboarding Magazine P.O Box 13012 Saint Petersburg, Florida 33733
Thanks so much!

Push, Carve, Grind!